The Graduate Non-Degree Programs (PNDP) at Tiradentes University play an integral role in students’ continuing education, widening their possibilities in the job market.

In this regard, Tiradentes University offers several programs through its campuses, spread across three states. There are in-class programs as well as e-learning options from different departments in the following areas:


  • Social Sciences, Business and Law; Health and Social Well-Being;
  • Engineering, Production and Construction;
  • Education;

These programs aim to meet community needs, as well as strengthening professional networks for Tiradentes’ students in the job market, by offering opportunities focused on professional and academic advancement. At the same time, they encourage the graduates to participate in actions that drive development and social improvement using both theoretical applications and practical knowledge acquired in the classroom.

At Tiradentes University PNDP students are eligible for international executive programs in the United States, Spain and others partner countries, focused on the improvement of practices learned in-class as well as the strengthening global networks in leadership areas.

Note: Locally known as “specialization” (especialização), Graduate Non-Degree Programs must meet the minimum workload of 360 hours. They aim to complement academic training, updating, incorporating technical skills and developing new professional profiles, with a view to improving the performance of public and private companies and organizations. At the successful completion of the program, the student obtains a certificate.

If you are interested in our Non-degree programs, please check the list of courses below or feel free to contact us by email: