The graduate programs at Tiradentes University offer degrees at two levels (Master’s and PhD) and aim to develop science, technology, and innovation, as well as training of qualified human resources for research.

Tiradentes University is the main provider of this level of education in its regional environment. Tiradentes University is a major reference in the Brazilian Northeast in graduate education, given its impact on the economic and social development of the region. The university offers 13 areas of advanced research and over 60 research groups, recognized by the CNPq, the national council of research.

Society, Technologies and Public Policies [Master’s and PhD]

Education [Master's and PhD]

Process Engineering [Master's and PhD]

Human Rights [Master’s ]

Health and Environment [Master's and PhD]

Biotechnology [Master's and PhD]

Note: In Brazil, Master’s and PhD programs are open to candidates who have completed an undergraduate degree and meet the requirements of respective educational institutions. At Tiradentes University, student are selected through an open admission process, with some scholarships available for the selected candidates.

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