At Tiradentes University extension outreach covers the educational, cultural, and scientific activities that articulate practices of teaching and research.

This enables the transformative relationships between the academic institution and the greater society. It also promotes interaction between the university’s social services and the job market, with an emphasis on the creation, development, and diffusion of scientific and technological knowledge aimed at sustainable socioeconomic development. Because of these activities, Tiradentes University enjoys a well-earned reputation as a responsible institution supporting the citizens in the cities and states where it is located. The concern with social development promotes activities through a wide range of outreach programs in order to integrate students into the local community.

Several outreach activities include community services programs such as:

  • Central Laboratory of Biomedicine
  • Psychology Clinic
  • Psychosocial Support Center
  • Children’s Orthodontics Clinic
  • Clinical Psycho-pedagogy
  • Orthodontics
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Dental Prosthesis
  • Legal Counseling (Reformatório Penal)
  • Ninota Garcia Health Center - Physiotherapy Services
  • Environmental Practices Awareness
  • Legal Practices Laboratory
  • Comprehensive Attendance Program for Elderly

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Tiradentes University prides itself in being a socially responsible institution in its neighborhoods; in the three northeastern states where it is located; and internationally in academic and research exchanges across the continents where it has numerous partnerships. Its outreach programs to the communities in which its facilities are present are many and varied. Students and faculty members use their technical and academic backgrounds to offer many activities that promote social responsibility and community well-being. High-quality free services range from the provision of, physiotherapy, and professional orientation services. In addition, a wide range of public health and orthodontic services are offered through university health services facilities. The Legal Counseling (Reformatório Penal) provides pro bono legal services, while engineering specialists offer the public orientation on how to deal safely with kitchen gas equipment. Teachers offer innovative recreational ideas. The Gastronomy department offers guidance on how to safely use foods from all food groups. Ongoing activities and short-term programs cover many areas of interest to the public in general.