Tiradentes University is aware of the multidisciplinary character of teaching, as well as the importance of educational commitment and quality.

Thus, it offers international students multiple opportunities to take part in exchange programs at our institution. They may choose from either academic or internship experiences. The Academic Exchange Program involves undergraduate and graduate students who wish to take courses that fit into the requirements of the curriculum of their home institutions. We also provide opportunities to participate in research projects and community outreach activities. This allows exchange students to fine-tune their skills through an experience in Brazil, specifically in the northeastern region. Additionally, graduate students can conduct their research within one of our graduate programs, working in Tiradente’s laboratories when appropriate. The International Internship Program enables international students to have a transformative and inclusive experience within four different modalities:

  • The Global Citizenship Internship
  • The On-Campus Internship
  • The Laboratory Internship
  • The Clinical Internship

These programs will enable international students feel connected to Brazilian students and professors, strengthening their capacity to understand multiple perspectives while developing new skills that can help dealing with their academic, professional, and humanitarian goals. Immersion in our different programs will prepare these researchers to tackle a variety of challenges.