Tiradentes University and the University of Massachusetts Boston inaugurated, on December 15, 2017, the new Tiradentes Institute.

Located on the UMass Boston campus it serves as a center for international education in the United States of America. Jouberto Uchôa de Mendonça, Founder and Rector of the Tiradentes University, declared at the Institute’s inaugural ceremony: “Throughout its 55 years of existence, our institution has made important steps. By installing this Institute in Boston, we show the importance and dignity of the state of Sergipe in the Brazilian educational scene, as a genuinely progressive university that will be able to share with other institutions around the world the excellence it has developed in teaching, research, and outreach.” The Tiradentes Institute is fostering an atmosphere favorable for interaction, exchange, and cooperation, serving as a platform for educational and research collaboration between the two universities, and other partners. The main objective is to promote opportunities and experiences for academic mobility, learning, and interaction among both faculty and students. In addition it will contribute to the launching of new international programs combining teaching and research.